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MainItem NameFeaturesCategoriesLatitudeCouponCountDistanceToCampusNumberOfBedroomsRentRangeLeaseLengthUniversityIDRefIDRefType
ASU Textbooks, Readers and School Supplies
Sun Devil Campus Stores34,58ASU Textbooks, Readers and School Supplies33.4183316,-111.9325126~33.4815429,-111.9560124~33.3312297,-111.642224~33.6079841,-112.1598583~33.452957,-112.0734512000000200,022827
Automotive Repair – Preventative Maintenance
American Five Star Auto Repair & Transmission34Automotive Repair – Preventative Maintenance33.4148542,-111.897337310,022847
Automotive Repair – Preventative Maintenance
Brake Masters34,58Automotive Repair – Preventative Maintenance33.3931207,-111.939155410,0229757
Cannabis Dispensary

Hana Dispensaries

3411 E. Corona Ave., Suite 100, Phoenix
(602) 698-8992
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Hana Dispensaries58Cannabis Dispensary,10,0258137
Cannabis Dispensary
Local Joint by Zen Leaf58Cannabis Dispensary,10,0258647
Delivery Service


1050 S. Terrace Rd., Tempe
(424) 317-7400
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Duffl34,58Delivery Service,00,0258657
Games & Hobbies

Gamers Guild

2223 S. 48th St., Suite C/D, Tempe
(602) 618-2690
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Gamers Guild34,58Games & Hobbies,00,0258147
Mailing, Shipping, Print and Copy Services
The UPS Store34Mailing, Shipping, Print and Copy Services33.4166355,-111.9281703~33.4220218,-111.931974610,022957
Sun Devil Marketplace34,58Marketplace33.4243281,-111.9349909999999700,0233807
Real Estate

Two Brothers Realty

10643 N. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd., Suite 103, Scottsdale
(602) 413-4753
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Two Brothers RealtyReal Estate,00,0258707
Mesa Riverview34Shopping33.4356815,-111.8643180999999900,0233797
Truck Rental

Penske Truck Rental

1249 W. Fairmont Dr., Tempe
(480) 966-1426
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Penske Truck Rental58,34Truck Rental33.3964156,-111.956772~33.357588,-111.96605~33.347821,-111.842442~33.2811812,-111.7730285~33.4272272,-112.1010584~33.4601619,-112.219557~33.618694,-111.90316900,0218377
Urgent Care

NextCare Urgent Care

914 N. Scottsdale Rd., Suite 104, Tempe
(480) 924-8382
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NextCare Urgent Care34,58Urgent Care33.440072,-111.9265573~,~,~,~,00,0221057
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