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Barber Shops

Sport Clips

815 E. Baseline Rd., Tempe
(480) 456-3086
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Sport Clips 34,67Barber Shops33.3779075,-111.92948100000001~,10,023028
Fitness & Personal Training
KBX PHX Fitness Kickboxing34,48,67Fitness & Personal Training,10,0258158
Fitness & Personal Training

Orangetheory Fitness

116 E. University Dr., Suite 102, Tempe
(480) 531-6830
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Orangetheory Fitness34,48,67Fitness & Personal Training33.4219646,-111.937781110,0228318
Fitness & Personal Training

Prime Training Facility

1290 N. Scottsdale Rd., Suite 121, Tempe
(480) 652-6687
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Prime Training Facility34,48Fitness & Personal Training,10,0258678

The Foundry Tempe-Mesa

1940 W. Rio Salado Pkwy., Suite 111, Mesa
(480) 464-9642
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The Foundry Tempe-Mesa34,67,48Fitness/Yoga,10,0258668
Hair Salon/Barbershop

Great Clips

740 S. Mill Ave., Tempe
(480) 968-1164
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Great Clips34,48,67Hair Salon/Barbershop33.4230549,-111.94047969999997~33.3942756,-111.9411382000000100,0234898
Laser Hair Removal

Smooth Laser and MedSpa

209 E. Baseline Rd., Suite E208, Office 6, Tempe
(480) 473-2929
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Smooth Laser and MedSpa34,48Laser Hair Removal,~,10,0258698
Nails Salons, Waxing & Spa Services

AZ Nails & Wax

3360 S. McClintock Dr., Tempe
(480) 820-6245
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AZ Nails & Wax34,48,67Nails Salons, Waxing & Spa Services33.3921039,-111.9093945000000210,0244018

Eye Lab

14700 N. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd., Suite 155, Scottsdale
(480) 795-7970
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Eye Lab34,48,67Optometrist,10,0259528
Sperm Bank

Phoenix Sperm Bank

1462 S. Mill Ave., Suite 306, Tempe
(602) 888-7255
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Phoenix Sperm Bank67Sperm Bank33.4123331,-111.939868300,0245318
Sperm Bank and Egg Bank
The World Egg and Sperm Bank48Sperm Bank and Egg Bank,00,0258168
Tanning Salons

Celebrity Tanning

725 S. Rural Rd., Suite 111, Tempe
(480) 306-6525
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Celebrity Tanning67Tanning Salons33.4227560,-111.9256850~33.3506940,-111.7550960~33.4948970,-112.0108070~33.502477,-112.04702680000003~33.6392647,-112.1963786~33.6537900,-112.2338100~33.6241406,-112.4583345~33.7127717,-112.1420308~33.6115561,-111.86481550000002~33.7711714,-111.97945679999998~33.638405,-111.979837~33.3839262,-111.73690260000001~33.4811158,-111.90896220000002~33.381431,-111.598816~33.4503495,-111.68191609999997~33.7975655,-112.12044980000002~33.7090325,-112.2701141~33.63733089999999,-112.39283749999998~33.320493,-111.9086064~,~,10,023188
Tattoos and Piercings
Living Canvas Tattoos34,48,67Tattoos and Piercings33.4196766,-111.940157710,023208
Urgent Care Center

NextCare Urgent Care

914 N. Scottsdale Rd., Suite 104, Tempe
(480) 924-8382
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NextCare Urgent Care34,48,67Urgent Care Center33.4397001,-111.92684759999997~,~,~,~,~,00,0221578

Hello Sugar

430 N. Scottsdale Rd., Suite A113, Tempe
(480) 500-6688
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Hello Sugar34,48,67Waxing,10,0256108
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