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Barber Shops

Sport Clips

815 E. Baseline Rd., Tempe
(480) 456-3086
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Sport Clips 34,67Barber Shops33.3779075,-111.92948100000001~33.433982,-111.8676219000000210,023028
Dental School
Contemporary Dental Academy48,67Dental School33.3345949,-111.9485372000000300,0244528

South Mountain Family Dental

2233 W. Baseline Rd., Suite 104, Tempe
(602) 438-9245
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South Mountain Family Dental34,67,48Dentist33.3778633,-111.9733125999999910,0239438
Eyelash Extensions

Amazing Lash Studio

2000 E. Rio Salado Parkway, Suite 1074, Tempe
(480) 418-4909
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Amazing Lash Studio34Eyelash Extensions33.4329265,-111.905575510,0236758
Eyelash Extensions
Elite Lash Studio & Beauty Bar34,48Eyelash Extensions33.3778001,-111.935875700,0239448
Hair Salon/Barbershop
Bishops Cuts/Color34,67Hair Salon/Barbershop33.4174665,-111.9258889999999810,0245958
Hair Salon/Barbershop

Great Clips

740 S. Mill Ave., Tempe
(480) 968-1164
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Great Clips34Hair Salon/Barbershop33.4230549,-111.94047969999997~33.3942756,-111.9411382000000110,0234898
Hair Salon/Barbershop

Hair2o Salon

115 W. 6th St., Suite 120, Tempe
(602) 872-1604
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Hair2o Salon34,48Hair Salon/Barbershop33.4240956,-111.941978210,0245968
Hair Salons


1537 W. Broadway Rd., Tempe
(480) 307-9240
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Supercuts34,48,67Hair Salons33.4081553,-111.96752960000003~33.610323,-112.13286260000001~33.6368603,-112.20080589999998~33.7106405,-112.2734285000000210,0239068
Nail Salons

Bella Nails & Spa

904 N. Scottsdale Rd., Suite 105, Tempe
(480) 446-3555

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Bella Nails & Spa34,48,67Nail Salons33.4391690,-111.926673010,023118
Nail Salons

Nail Time & Wax

840 E. Southern Ave., Suite 104, Tempe
(480) 427-2312
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Nail Time & Wax34,67,48Nail Salons33.393348,-111.9267959999999710,0229788
Nail Salons

Nancys Nails

45 E. Broadway Rd., Tempe
(480) 377-0279

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Nancys Nails34,67Nail Salons33.4074229,-111.938831500,023138
Nails Salons, Waxing & Spa Services

AZ Nails & Wax

3360 S. McClintock Dr., Tempe
(480) 820-6245
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AZ Nails & Wax34,48,67Nails Salons, Waxing & Spa Services33.3921039,-111.9093945000000210,0244018
Nails Salons, Waxing & Spa Services
Lalezar Tanning & Spa67Nails Salons, Waxing & Spa Services33.3479277,-111.9781719999999710,0245978
Nails Salons, Waxing & Spa Services

Unity Nails and Spa

960 W. University Dr., Suite 111B, Tempe
(480) 966-7799

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Unity Nails and Spa34,48,67Nails Salons, Waxing & Spa Services33.4228634,-111.951429700,0239428


2010 E. Rio Salado Pkwy., Tempe
(480) 894-3445
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Nutrition / Tanning Salons

One Stop Nutrition

701 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale
(480) 894-5100
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One Stop Nutrition34,67Nutrition / Tanning Salons33.455501,-111.92597600,023168
Walmart on Campus Pharmacy34,67Pharmacy33.414678,-111.929471600,0228338
Plasma Donation

BPL Plasma

2320 E. Bell Rd., Suite 101, Phoenix
(602) 347-6580
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BPL Plasma34Plasma Donation33.641874,-112.0324982000000200,0239088
Reproductive & Sexual Health
Choices Pregnancy Centers34,48Reproductive & Sexual Health33.4074873,-111.92864880000002~33.394101,-111.79194239999998~33.5816754,-112.1837843999999810,0237688
Sperm Bank

Phoenix Sperm Bank

1462 S. Mill Ave., Suite 306, Tempe
(602) 888-7255
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Phoenix Sperm Bank67Sperm Bank33.4123331,-111.939868300,0245318
Tanning Salons

Celebrity Tanning

725 S. Rural Rd., Suite 217, Tempe
(480) 966-6397
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Celebrity Tanning67Tanning Salons33.4227560,-111.9256850~33.3506940,-111.7550960~33.4948970,-112.0108070~33.502477,-112.04702680000003~33.5672210,-112.1155810~33.6387083,-112.1960532~33.6537900,-112.2338100~33.5798150,-112.2046190~33.6241406,-112.4583345~33.7127717,-112.1420308~33.6115561,-111.86481550000002~33.7711714,-111.97945679999998~33.638405,-111.979837~33.3839262,-111.73690260000001~33.4811158,-111.9089622000000210,023188
Tanning Salons

Palm Beach Tan

1740 E. Broadway Rd., Tempe
(480) 968-6499
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Palm Beach Tan34,67Tanning Salons33.4079750,-111.9105780~33.4684370,-111.9257080~33.3487772,-111.8772769~33.5811540,-111.9272680~33.4381492,-111.94362210,023198
Tanning Salons

SUNGUN Tanning

2040 E. Rio Salado Pkwy., Suite 115, Tempe
(480) 361-8011
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SUNGUN Tanning34,67,48Tanning Salons33.4323782,-111.9026053~33.6134664,-111.8643159000000110,0237698
Tattoos and Piercings
Living Canvas Tattoos34,48,67Tattoos and Piercings33.4196766,-111.940157710,023208
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