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MainItem NameFeaturesCategoriesLatitudeCouponCountDistanceToCampusNumberOfBedroomsRentRangeLeaseLengthUniversityIDRefIDRefType
Bar & Grill
Boulders on Broadway43,66,55Bar & Grill33.4075116,-111.92975710000002~33.3938737,-111.8533282000000200,0238904
Bar & Grill

Cheba Hut

960 W. University Dr., Tempe
(480) 446-0088
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Cheba Hut43Bar & Grill33.4229035,-111.95176070000002~33.4573173,-112.06479990000003~33.3937931,-111.86816520000002~35.1828065,-111.6613864999999900,0233964
Bar & Grill

Giligins Sand Bar

4251 N. Winfield Scott Plaza, Scottsdale
(480) 874-2264

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Giligins Sand Bar43,46,61,66Bar & Grill33.4982604,-111.925112800,021794
Bar & Grill
Gus's New York Pizza43,66,61Bar & Grill33.421311,-111.9258527000000110,0233974
Bar & Grill

Pita Jungle

4 E. University Dr., Tempe
(480) 804-0234
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Pita Jungle43Bar & Grill33.422192,-111.93961500,0221954
Bar & Grill
The Grill on Mill43,66,46,61Bar & Grill33.4269477,-111.9404332000000300,0243654
Bar App
DrinkSnapBar App00,0238914
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