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Astronomical Observatory

Lowell Observatory

1400 W. Mars Hill Rd., Flagstaff
(928) 774-3358

Since its founding in 1894, Lowell Observatory has served as a place of wonder and discovery for visitors from all over the world. Lowell’s location in Flagstaff, Arizona, the world’s first International Dark Sky City, provides breathtaking views of the cosmos through telescopes as well as with the naked eye. On clear nights, guests can gaze at the moon, planets or deep-sky objects through the historic 24” Clark refractor, built in 1896, or through the six cutting-edge telescopes of the new Giovale Open Deck Observatory. Lowell provides a number of talks and tours that cover topics from the observatory’s discovery of Pluto to current astronomical research.

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  • Lowell Observatory
    1400 W. Mars Hill Rd.
    Flagstaff, AZ 86001
    (928) 774-3358

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