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Automotive Repair – Preventative Maintenance

Big O Tires

2469 E. Walgreen St., Flagstaff
(928) 527-0773
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Big O Tires34Automotive Repair – Preventative Maintenance35.210136,-111.60379799999998~35.1924851,-111.661899210,0531307
Automotive Repair – Preventative Maintenance

Brake Masters

6 S. Milton Rd., Flagstaff
(928) 214-7000
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Brake Masters34Automotive Repair – Preventative Maintenance35.197167,-111.65389310,0525167
Automotive Repair – Preventative Maintenance

City Windshield

They Come to You!, Flagstaff
(928) 224-2086

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City Windshield34Automotive Repair – Preventative Maintenance35.1793489,-111.6911519000000200,0547197
Automotive Repair – Preventative Maintenance

Jiffy Lube

1590 E. Route 66, Flagstaff
(928) 774-7829
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Jiffy Lube34Automotive Repair – Preventative Maintenance35.1950492,-111.62863930000003~35.17555249999999,-111.666298110,0549037
Bookstore, University Apparel and Technology

CCC Bookstore

2800 S. Lone Tree Rd., Flagstaff
(928) 226-4360
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CCC Bookstore34,58Bookstore, University Apparel and Technology35.177432,-111.64437410,0525187
Bookstore, University Apparel and Technology

NAU Bookstore

1015 S. San Francisco St., Bldg. 35, Flagstaff
(928) 523-4041
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NAU Bookstore34,58Bookstore, University Apparel and Technology35.2068523,-111.6435930000000110,0525197
Cellular Provider & Retailer


4650 US-89 (Flagstaff Mall Kiosk), Flagstaff
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NakedMobile34Cellular Provider & Retailer35.223055,-111.58129700,0547187
Mailing, Shipping and Document Services

The UPS Store

2700 S. Woodlands Village Blvd., Suite 300, Flagstaff
(928) 773-0188
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The UPS Store34Mailing, Shipping and Document Services35.176448,-111.66671810,0525237
Outdoor Clothing, Footwear, & Sporting Equipment
Sportsman's Warehouse34,58Outdoor Clothing, Footwear, & Sporting Equipment35.2041358,-111.61476679999998~32.3296873,-111.05069730000002~33.6625772,-112.02499119999999~33.3846312,-111.74304000000001~34.5476982,-112.43840030000001~33.4645769,-112.27774420000003~34.212032,-110.02410370000001~32.7074442,-114.6074214000000200,0547067
Plasma Donation

BPL Plasma

1250 S. Plaza Way., Suite C, Flagstaff
(928) 773-1334
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BPL Plasma34Plasma Donation35.1882157,-111.6628564999999810,0537087
Thrift Store
Assistance League® of Flagstaff Cedar Closet Thrift Store34Thrift Store35.2169316,-111.6221168000000100,0549287
A Friendly Cab58,34Transportation35.1982836,-111.6513019999999900,0547167
Truck Rental

Penske Truck Rental

1860 W. Kaibab Ln., Flagstaff
(928) 213-1873
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Penske Truck Rental34,58Truck Rental35.190364,-111.677514~35.2222917,-111.5735885000000300,0525287
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