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Galaxy Diner

931 W. Route 66, Flagstaff
(928) 774-2466

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Galaxy Diner27,47,64,37,63,34,46,66,71American35.1920013,-111.661737110,0524843

Sonic America’s Drive-In

1327 E. Butler Ave., Flagstaff
(928) 773-1123

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Sonic America’s Drive-In27,47,37,64,32,63,43,51,34,70American35.191177,-111.634774~35.214365,-111.61305710,0524883

Southside Chophouse

117 S. San Francisco St., Flagstaff
(928) 774-5292

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Southside Chophouse27,47,37,64,32,57,63,51,43,46,66,68,34,71American35.194861,-111.6494476000000310,0547013

The Flame Broiler

1800 S. Milton Rd., Suite 22, Flagstaff
(928) 226-1875
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The Flame Broiler47,37,64,63,66,68,34,71Asian35.1826702,-111.660454610,0524913
Breakfast, Cafes and Coffee

Campus Coffee Bean & Grill

1800 S. Milton Rd., Suite 24, Flagstaff
(928) 556-0660
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Campus Coffee Bean & Grill27,47,37,32,64,63,43,46,34,68,71Breakfast, Cafes and Coffee35.1826702,-111.660454610,0524933
Breakfast, Cafes and Coffee
Dutch Bros Coffee27,28,51,34,70Breakfast, Cafes and Coffee35.1917421,-111.641991410,0543603
Breakfast, Cafes and Coffee


2725 S. Woodlands Village Blvd., Flagstaff
(928) 779-5888
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IHOP27,37,51,64,47,34,71Breakfast, Cafes and Coffee35.1755368,-111.66792370000002~35.2078711,-111.6103340999999910,0537043

Primo's Deli

113 S. San Francisco St., Flagstaff
(928) 214-0808
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Primo's Deli37,64,32,51,34,70Hotdogs35.1949529,-111.6494619999999710,0547003
Ice Cream, Yogurt, Custard, Juices & Smoothies

Cold Stone Creamery

2080 S. Milton Rd., Suite 500, Flagstaff
(928) 779-2856
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Cold Stone Creamery47,64,37,32,57,51,34,71Ice Cream, Yogurt, Custard, Juices & Smoothies35.1795891,-111.660721910,0532673
Ice Cream, Yogurt, Custard, Juices & Smoothies

Local Juicery

601 E. Piccadilly Dr., Suite 85, Flagstaff
(928) 440-5414
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Local Juicery27,47,37,64,32,63,43,68,34,71Ice Cream, Yogurt, Custard, Juices & Smoothies35.1910397,-111.6428783~34.8617375,-111.81549610,0549013

Del Taco

2201 S. Milton Rd., Flagstaff
(928) 226-9186
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Del Taco27,37,47,64,51,68,34,70,97Mexican35.178001,-111.661742~35.2335463,-111.576033810,0524983
El Capitán Fresh Mexican Grill27,47,64,32,57,63,43,66,34,71,37,97Mexican35.1827045,-111.660832410,0524993
Pitas, Greek and Mediterranean

My Pita Wrap

1800 S. Milton Rd., Suite 15, Flagstaff
(928) 226-0021
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My Pita Wrap47,37,64,32,43,46,66,34,68,71Pitas, Greek and Mediterranean35.1825419,-111.660332310,0541983
Pitas, Greek and Mediterranean

Pita Jungle

320 S. Regent St., Flagstaff
(928) 774-0086
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Pita Jungle47,64,37,63,43,34,71,32Pitas, Greek and Mediterranean35.1917152,-111.642365210,0525023
Pitas, Greek and Mediterranean

The Pita Pit

23 E. Aspen Ave., Flagstaff
(928) 213-1330
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The Pita Pit64,27,36,47,37,63,32,51,34,71Pitas, Greek and Mediterranean35.1980986,-111.647790610,0525033
Pizza and Wings

Domino’s Pizza

1529 S. Milton Rd., Flagstaff
(928) 779-3686
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Domino’s Pizza47,36,37,64,32,34,72,51Pizza and Wings35.1850503,-111.6614726999999910,0525043
Pizza and Wings

Little Caesars

2080 S. Milton Rd., Flagstaff
(928) 214-0444
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Little Caesars37,47,64,32,34,71Pizza and Wings35.179542,-111.660799~35.218941,-111.62105910,0525053
Pizza and Wings

Papa John’s Pizza

105 S. Milton Rd., Flagstaff
(928) 779-7272
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Papa John’s Pizza47,36,37,32,64,51,34,71Pizza and Wings35.196441,-111.65498710,0525073
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