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MainItem NameFeaturesCategoriesLatitudeCouponCountDistanceToCampusNumberOfBedroomsRentRangeLeaseLengthUniversityIDRefIDRefType
Eyebrow Threading/Waxing
Unique Eyebrow Threading Beauty Salon34,67Eyebrow Threading/Waxing32.2312194,-110.9658337000000200,0150188
Hair Salon/Barbershop

Cost Cutters

990 E. University Blvd., Tucson
(520) 792-3282
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Cost Cutters34,48,67Hair Salon/Barbershop32.23142,-110.95700299999999~32.259674,-110.942626710,0150198
Hair Salons

Great Clips

1570 E. Tucson Marketplace, Tucson
(520) 792-1365
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Great Clips34,67Hair Salons32.1820738,-110.94778630000002~32.2664652,-110.8939239~32.2814832,-110.9607897000000210,0144508
Nails Salons, Waxing & Spa Services

Campbell Spa & Nails

2517 N. Campbell Ave., Tucson
(520) 881-6245

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Campbell Spa & Nails34,67,48Nails Salons, Waxing & Spa Services32.2524092,-110.9444035000000210,0150218
Nails Salons, Waxing & Spa Services

L'Amour Nails

2749 N. Campbell Ave., Tucson
(520) 795-1716

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L'Amour Nails34,48,67,96Nails Salons, Waxing & Spa Services32.2569983,-110.944105410,011318
Nails Salons, Waxing & Spa Services
Renewed Medical Health and Beauty Integrated Services34,48,67Nails Salons, Waxing & Spa Services32.2218716,-110.9299169999999900,0150208
Nails Salons, Waxing & Spa Services
SweetCheeks Wax Parlor34,48,67Nails Salons, Waxing & Spa Services32.2569945,-110.9434516999999710,011478
Nutrition, Fitness & Personal Training
Better Bodies Studio Personal Training34,48,67Nutrition, Fitness & Personal Training32.2634860,-110.943305000,011358
Nutrition, Fitness & Personal Training
Boxing Inc University Gym34,48,67Nutrition, Fitness & Personal Training32.2527737,-110.943730810,011368
Nutrition, Fitness & Personal Training

Smoothie Factory

1031 N. Park Ave. (at Sol Apartments), Tucson
(520) 300-5945
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Smoothie Factory34,67Nutrition, Fitness & Personal Training32.2351086,-110.95712479999997~32.2847593,-110.9595014999999900,0133888
Optical Services

Arizona Primary Eye Care

1303 E. University Blvd., Suite 241, Tucson
(520) 621-3253
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Arizona Primary Eye Care34,48,67Optical Services32.232592,-110.95199150000002~32.2218315,-110.89808740000001~32.2521258,-110.8418634999999900,0152128
Pregnancy Resource Center
Reachout Women's Center48,67Pregnancy Resource Center32.255072,-110.94360100,0152138
Tanning Salon & Spa Services
Kist By Mist Tanning34,48,67,31Tanning Salon & Spa Services32.2363513,-110.927620910,011408
Tanning Salons

Endless Summer

1708 E. Speedway Blvd., Tucson
(520) 305-3931
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Endless Summer34,48,67Tanning Salons32.2357864,-110.946458210,011398
Tattoos and Piercings

Sanctity Tattoo

970 E. University Blvd., Tucson
(520) 623-3154
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Sanctity Tattoo34,48,67Tattoos and Piercings32.2317146,-110.957180200,011458
Urgent Care Center

NextCare Urgent Care

501 N. Park Ave., Suite 110, Tucson
(888) 306-5314
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NextCare Urgent Care34Urgent Care Center32.2281326,-110.95688110000003~32.2844304,-110.9767584~32.2426838,-110.85916120000002~32.2084007,-110.78899539999998~32.1541715,-110.99003070000003~32.1820822,-110.9478227999999800,0136718

The Waxing Studio

2559 N. Campbell Ave., Tucson
(520) 282-3882

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The Waxing Studio34,48,67Waxing32.2535461,-110.9443557999999810,0146268
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