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MainItem NameFeaturesCategoriesLatitudeCouponCountDistanceToCampusNumberOfBedroomsRentRangeLeaseLengthUniversityIDRefIDRefType
Hemline Bryan/College Station3430.6752429,-96.3741548000000410,0447457
Automotive Services

CarDoc Automotive

204A Harvey Rd., College Station
(979) 693-8575
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CarDoc Automotive34Automotive Services30.6159525,-96.31716100,0443527
Bicycle Shop

Bike Barn

2307 Texas Ave. S., College Station
(979) 383-2308
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Bike Barn34,58Bicycle Shop30.6108555,-96.3123901000000210,0438457
Cell Phone & Computer Repair

1Up Repairs

815 Texas Ave. S., College Station
(979) 353-2300
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1Up Repairs34Cell Phone & Computer Repair30.6251214,-96.3310644~30.2829373,-97.74227329999997~29.8852892,-97.9396080999999910,0447447
Cell Phone Repair
MiPhone Doctor34Cell Phone Repair30.641217,-96.3503079999999800,0436207

CVS Pharmacy

717 University Dr., Suite 101, College Station
(979) 721-9125
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CVS PharmacyCosmetics30.621426,-96.34288800000002~30.642801,-96.35328900000002~30.608017,-96.30926899999997~30.5834783,-96.2864789999999900,0434337
Criminal Defense
The Law Office of Craig M. Greaves34Criminal Defense30.6730648,-96.3737886000000100,0443537
Financial Institution

Wells Fargo Bank N.A.

321 University Dr., College Station
(979) 691-8366
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Wells Fargo Bank N.A.Financial Institution30.6180829,-96.345985~30.608232,-96.307044~30.58445,-96.287242~30.631343,-96.377993~30.659349,-96.32872200,0415707
Printing and Copy Center

Copy Corner

2307 Texas Ave. S., College Station
(979) 694-COPY (2679)
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Copy Corner34Printing and Copy Center30.610709,-96.312488~30.6111985,-96.341949410,0427557
Textbooks and School Supplies
Barnes & Noble at Texas A&M University34,58Textbooks and School Supplies30.6112055,-96.341959710,0415537
Textbooks and School Supplies
Blinn Bookstore34,58Textbooks and School Supplies30.659943,-96.3535380000000110,0415547

Ground Shuttle

1902 Pinon Dr., Suite A, College Station
(855) 303-4415
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Ground Shuttle34Transportation30.5869407,-96.2884397000000300,0443517
Truck Rental

Penske Truck Leasing

1615 University Dr. E. (Inside Home Depot), College Station
(800) 736-7531
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Penske Truck Leasing34,58Truck Rental30.6410574,-96.31409550000001~30.5886602,-96.28857579999999~30.51982,-96.29795800,0433937
Tutoring & College Test Reviews

4.0 and Go College Test Review and Tutoring

2501 Texas Ave. S, Suite D109, College Station
(979) 696-8886
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4.0 and Go College Test Review and Tutoring34,58Tutoring & College Test Reviews30.6072314,-96.30750319999999~30.6168663,-96.347504200,0431997
Women's Clothing, Jewelry & Accessories

Anything Bling Boutique

607 University Dr. E., Suite 100, College Station
(979) 704-6094
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Anything Bling Boutique34Women's Clothing, Jewelry & Accessories30.6324037,-96.3309362999999600,0441317
Women's Clothing, Jewelry & Accessories

Sabi Boutique

614 Holleman Drive E., Suite 1170, College Station
(979) 224-8595
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Sabi Boutique34,58Women's Clothing, Jewelry & Accessories30.6174038,-96.3080036999999710,0441297
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