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Bar & Grill

12 Rooftop Bar & Lounge

209 University Dr. W., College Station
(979) 704-6270

12 Rooftop Bar is a mix of old and new. It has become one of the most revolutionary bars on Northgate since its opening. There is something for everyone! They have a laid back rooftop bar with a beautiful view of campus and bottle service is available on the first and second floors. Also, don’t forget to try one of their new Mega Mules. You won’t forget the experience. 12 Rooftop prides itself on being the premier party place on Northgate. Come and enjoy the experience.

Daily Specials


Mimosa and Mega Mule Specials As Long As They’re Open


$2.00 Wells And Domestics All Night, $65.00 Mega Mules And $25.00 Baby Mules


$7.00 Bottles of Champagne


$3.00 Wells And Domestics, $2.50 Dos XX, $65.00 Mega Mules And $25.00 Baby Mules


$4.00 Wells and Domestic Beer, $15.00 Bottles of Champagne


$4.00 Wells and Domestic Beer, $15.00 Bottles of Champagne

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